January 13-14, 2022 Meeting Agenda

January 13-14, 2022

* Please note the addition of the Wolf committee on Thursday, January 13. Thank you.*

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Thursday, January 13, 2022 - Committee Meetings

8:00 AM

Wildlife Committee Meeting – Commissioners Thorburn, Smith, Anderson, Linville
Location:  Watch with TVW
Agenda topics:
- Season setting update
Grazing program implementation update
Cougar Proviso report briefing

10:30 AM

Habitat Committee Meeting – Commissioners Carpenter, Smith, Anderson, Linville
Location:  Watch with TVW
Agenda topics:
- Fish passage rules update 
Ecosystem Services Division: how WDFW engages in land use planning and implementation to protect species and their habitats

1:00 PM

Fish Committee Meeting – Commissioners Carpenter, McIsaac, Anderson, Baker
Location: Watch with TVW
Agenda topics:      
-  Willapa Bay Policy review (continued)
      - WBP Alts and Analytical Framework v2
      - Alternative 2: Manage for a Combination of Hatchery and Wild Fish
      - Fish Program responses to Commission questions associated with the Willapa Bay Policy
-  Sport fishing and shellfish rule amendments
-  Commercial guide logbook program
   - Presentation 
   - Report

3:00 PM - ADDED 1/5/22

         *Wolf Committee Meeting – Commissioners Thorburn, Smith, Anderson, Linville
         Location:  Zoom Link Watch with TVW
         Agenda topic:
         -  Discussion with UW team of metrics used to inform wolf recovery*

Friday, January 14, 2022 - Regular Meeting (The Commission meeting will be held via Zoom Webinar.)

If you are interested in providing verbal public comment, please pre-register here. The following pre-registration deadlines are in effect:

- Pre-registration for the Open Public Input closes at 8 am Friday for Friday’s comment periods. Open Public Input is for comments on matters not found elsewhere on      the agenda with separate public comment periods.
- Registrants will be called upon (no more “raised hands” will be recognized) and have three minutes to speak.
- All information entered into the form is subject to public disclosure.

Additional information on verbal and written comment can be found here.  

To listen to the meeting please access it here, or by phone with the following phone numbers below.
1-253-215-8782 or 1-888-475-4499 (Toll Free) 

Then you will be prompted to enter the Webinar ID:  892-4519-8831

8:00 AM

1. Call to Order
Commissioner’s Discussion

Meeting Minutes Approval
December 2-3, 2021, webinar draft meeting minutes

Committee Reports

8:45 AM

2. Open Public Input
The Commission is a direct link between the citizens of Washington and the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Comments on Department programs and topics of concern are welcome during this portion of the meeting. NOTE: During this portion of the meeting, the public is encouraged to comment on issues that do not already have public input time on the agenda.

9:45 AM

3. Director’s Report
The Director will brief the Commission on various items. 

10:05 AM

        4. Governor’s Salmon Recovery Package Discussion 
        The Commission will discuss the efforts surrounding Governor Inslee's priorities to bolster
        Washington’s leadership in protecting and restoring salmon across the state.

        - Presentation
        - Salmon Recovery Package

10:35 AM - BREAK

10:45 AM 

5. Forest Health Project Approval Request - Briefing and Decision
Staff will seek approval from the Commission on forest management projects that involve harvesting timber volumes exceeding one million board feet.

- Summary Sheet
- Presentation

Staff Report:  Richard Tveten, Forest Manager Team Lead, Lands Division, Wildlife Program

11:05 AM

6. Sport Fishing and Shellfish Rule Amendments – Decision
Staff will ask the Commission for a decision on proposed amendments to recreational fish and shellfish regulations. These amendments are proposed for the purpose of meeting conservation objectives as well as to address simplification and clarification of several regulations.

- Summary Sheet
- Presentation

Staff Report: Kirt Hughes, Fish Management Division Manager, Steve Caromile, Inland Fisheries Manager, and Aaron Dufault, Puget Sound Shellfish Manager

11:35 AM - LUNCH

12:20 PM

7. WDFW Response to Whale Entanglements in the Coastal Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishery – Briefing
Staff will brief the Commission on recent whale entanglements in the coastal commercial Dungeness crab fishery and action taken to reduce the risk of future entanglements including the process to develop a Crab Conservation Plan and request an Incidental Take Permit.

- Summary Sheet
- Presentation

Staff Report:  Heather Hall, Intergovernmental Ocean Policy Manager

1:20 PM

8. Columbia River Policy (C-3630) Delegation of Authority – Decision
Staff will provide an update on the Columbia River policy allocations as prescribed by C-3630 and Oregon’s policy and identify where non-concurrent elements remain for 2022 fishery planning.  The Commission will take action to consider approving director delegation for the Director to work with the Director of ODFW to achieve implementation of the fishery regulations in a manner that results in concurrent fishing regulations in jointly managed waters of the Columbia River for 2022.

- Summary Sheet
   - Columbia River Fall Salmon Preliminary 2021 Returns and Outlook for 2022
   - 2022 Spring-Summer Forecasts

Staff Report: Kelly Susewind, Director, Kelly Cunningham, Fish Program Director, and Charlene Hurst, Columbia River Policy Lead

2:20 PM

9. Miscellaneous and Meeting Debrief
The Commission will discuss items that arise immediately before, during, or after the meeting and after the preliminary agenda is published and consider future agenda planning.

Year- at-a-Glance

3:05 PM

10. Executive Session
Pursuant to RCW 42.30.110, the Commission will meet in executive session. No action will be taken during executive session and the public is not permitted to attend.