Spring black bear rule making petition

Rule-making status: Withdrawn

Summary of proposed rule

The purpose of the proposed amendments was to carry forward a long-standing recreational hunting opportunity under a spring bear special permit. This rule making was initiated by a majority affirmative vote to grant one of six rule making petitions brought before the Fish and Wildlife Commission on January 21, 2022.

Scope and rationale for proposed rule

If adopted, the proposed amendments would have provided a limited hunting opportunity to approximately 664 hunters who receive permits and WDFW anticipated approximately 145 black bears would be harvested through this limited permit hunting opportunity. The purpose and anticipated effect of the amendments was to continue geographically focused spring hunting of black bear, that can in some instances help address other management issues such as human-bear conflict, commercial timber damage or concerns for ungulate species neonate recruitment.

During the March 19, 2022 Special Commission Meeting, the commission voted on a motion that sought to approve the rules as proposed. That motion was defeated with a 4-5 vote. Similarly, a motion to include additional changes to the proposed rule was also defeated by a 4-5 vote. Therefore, the proposed rules were not approved and a 2022 spring bear hunting season will not be held.

Public comments

The public comment period has closed as of March 12, 2022 at 11:59 pm.

You can view comments received during the comment period here (PDF).

Public hearing

For more information

Visit the Spring Black Bear Special Permits page

See the Spring Black Bear Commission Presentation

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