Withdrawn rule making

A rule is considered withdrawn when either the agency files a withdrawal notice with the Code Reviser, or the rule is not adopted and filed with the code reviser within 180 days after publication of the rule proposal. A withdrawn rule may not be adopted unless it is again proposed in accordance with RCW 34.05.320.

See the Rule-making glossary for more information about the terms used here.

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Agency rules coordinator

  • Rule Making Reference# P2022-11
    The Department is considering a proposed change that would open a previously closed section of Chelan River by allowing catch-and-release fishing only, using only barbless hooks with no bait.

  • The purpose of the proposed amendments was to carry forward a long-standing recreational hunting opportunity under a spring bear special permit. This rule making was initiated by a majority affirmative vote to grant one of six rule making petitions brought before the Fish and Wildlife Commission on January 21, 2022.

  • The department proposed amendments to carry forward a long-standing recreational hunting opportunity to address bear management by continuing to use recreational hunting under a spring bear special permit in 2022.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2020-12
    The department is considering rule changes to govern the for-profit use of specific wildlife species for dog aversion training.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2020-05
    The department is proposing amendments to WAC 220-200-100, that would classify the Cascade red fox as “threatened” in the state of Washington and reclassify the white pelican from “threatened” to “sensitive”

  • The department proposed a new rule section WAC 220-440-260 and amendments to the current WAC 220-440-080.

  • To create uniformity between the existing rules and the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and to simplify the accommodation process for hunters with disabilities.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2020-08
    WDFW has withdrawn the CR-102 and placing it on hold.  We plan to reschedule this rulemaking early 2024. 


    The department is developing a new permit that is specific to beaver relocation and consistent with RCW 77.32.585.

  • The department seeks to clarify the requirements for notifying department law enforcement officers about testing commercial fishing gear.