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Roost Box for Songbirds

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Songbird roost box One 1x8" x 8' rough cedar board
dot Eighteen 1-1/4" outdoor wood screws or # 7 galvanized nails
dot One 3' x 1/4" dowel
dot Wire to keep side door shut

Lumber Detail

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Songbird roost interior detail
Lumber Detail
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a Pivot screws work as hinges. To allow the side to open easily, the pivot screw on the opposite side needs to be level with the one in front.
b Loop wire around nails
c Holes for attaching box to a tree or post with nails, lag bolts, or wire.
d Pre-drill holes for dowels. Use tape on drill bit for 1/2" depth of 1/4" hole. Roughen dowels with coarse sandpaper and glue to side.

Assembly Sequence

Assembly Sequence