Winter lessons 6th - 8th grade

Winter lessons focus on the interactions between humans and wildlife. 

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Counting Birds for Science - Dec. 18

Counting Birds for Science takes middle school students into the world of birding and community science. Students are introduced to Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count, the nation’s first community science project. Next, they identify common winter birds and use technology such as Merlin, eBird, and Project FeederWatch.  

This lesson emphasizes the importance of community science for gathering and recording large amounts of data and observing long-term trends. Educators have the option of birding as a one-time lesson or to gather data over time for a more robust student experience. Though the lesson highlights the Christmas Bird Count, the lesson could also be taught in the spring or fall.  

The lesson is aligned with Common Core State Standards in math and Next Generation Science Standards in life science. Students record, graph, and analyze data and identify trends based on resource availability and interactions with other species.   

Lesson Plan

Counting Birds for Science

Supporting Materials