Marine Area 12 - Hood Canal

Marine Area 12 (Hood Canal) encompasses all waters south of the Hood Canal Bridge. These waters provide fishing opportunities for migratory salmon via numerous small boat and shoreline access sites. Marine Area 12 is a relatively protected body of water (depending on wind direction), and offers scenic views of the Olympic Mountains.

Hood Canal is closed to the harvest of all bottomfish and forage fish, except for a limited fishery for flounder and sole in Dabob Bay. Fishing North of Ayock typically opens in mid-July for Coho Salmon and Pink Salmon during odd yeras. Hatchery Chinook may be retained South of Ayock Point. Additional opportunities exist South of Ayock Point, as the two-pole endorsement is allowed, and there is a lower size limit on Chinook (20 inches) during the summer. Winter resident salmon fishing is a unique opportunity to catch salmon in the 'off-season' and typically runs from October through November. Marine Area 12 boasts some of the best Coastal Cutthroat Trout fishing throughout the Puget Sound region, both by boat or from shore. 

*updated 7/7/2021

Legal description

Major fishing areas

Belfair State Park

Returning Coho stage in the estuary and can be caught by flyfishing or using a bobber and bait, such as an anchovy. Coastal Cutthroat Trout are also caught here, best results at high tide. 

Accessible by Shoreline
Enter Belfair State Park and park on the south side of the highway in the day use site. Walk south to the water to fish. A Discovery Pass is required. Please respect and be aware of private property or tidelands.


This feature shows the general location of the selected shoreline. Directions may not include direct access routes. Please do not trespass on private property.

Species: Coastal Cutthroat, Coho Salmon, Chinook Salmon

*note: no Sockeye or Chum retention in the 2021-2022 season